• Education provides the foundation for the future. Children who understand how to live in society peacefully and are knowledgeable about the world will grow up to be positive leaders of the future. They will recognize and celebrate that people are different and will not only tolerate those differences, but will support them. This is the mission of St. Peter Claver Catholic School, which serves mostly at risk children. The funds provided by CPVYS help support these children by providing money that is used for materials to promote literacy and help teachers differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every child. It is only because of benefactors like CPVYS that St. Peter Claver Catholic School can provide an education to the neediest of Tampa’s children.
    Janet Blackburn
    Administrative Volunteer at St. Peter Claver; educator since 1972
  • Founded in 1894, St. Peter Claver Catholic School has been serving the educational needs of inner city children in Tampa for over 122 years. For numerous years CPVYS has provided significant financial assistance to our community and allows deserving and capable children the opportunity to receive a private education. At times the fundraising efforts of CPVYS has single handedly kept our school doors opened and we are forever grateful for their support. "Love is shown more in deeds than in words" - Ignatius Loyal. The members of CPVYS who work tirelessly behind the scenes for our youth are the personification of love and hard work.
    Mike Jensen
    President of the Advisory Board of St. Peter Claver Catholic School
  • Academy Prep has been blessed to partner with Central Park Village Youth Services for over eight years. In that time, CPVYS has provided invaluable support to our school and our ability to transform the lives of our students. Namely, CPVYS has supported our student scholarship fund, which ensures that each of our students, who all come from economically challenged backgrounds, have the access to a rigorous, high quality college preparatory middle school program that will launch them into a competitive high school and then on to college. With the help of CPVYS, we are transforming our community … one child at a time.” –, Vice President of Operations, Academy Prep Foundation and Head of School, Academy Prep Center of Tampa
    Lincoln Tamayo
    Vice President of Operations, Academy Prep Foundation and Head of School, Academy Prep Center of Tampa